Matias Vilaplana Stark

Sound Engineer // Composer // Media Artist

Interactive Media

Marbells VR (2019)

Virtual Instrument for Musical Expression design in Unity 3D for use with Oculus Rift and Rift S headset.

Ball Pit VR (2019)

Virtual Instrument for Musical Expression design in Unity 3D for use with HTC Vive headset.

Synthetic Bodies (2019)

Interactive dance-music performance using motion capture technology for the dancer to control sounds with her body. The performance was developed between February and April 2019. Premiered in April in the Chip Davis Technology Studio at the University of Michigan.

Smartphone as a controller (2019)

Using the sensors embedded in a smartphone to control sound synthesis parameters in a Max/Msp patch. The smartphone data is sent via OSC using the oscHook app for Android.

Audio Reactive Drum Pad (2019)

Made with a low cost microphone and Max/Msp for controlling visual overlays and chromakey with a drum pad.

Experimental Turntable (2018)


This prototype came out as part of a makeathon I particiapted at the University of Michigan. It uses granular synthesis to playback audio files simulating a real turntable. It can also take input from a microphone that can be used to record sounds in real time and played back by spinning the wheel.

Scanner Instrument (2018)


Digital musical instrument that I built for a Interactive Design class, it uses 20 optical sensors and an Arduino UNO to control interdependent digital oscillators in a Max/Msp patch. It can be played by using your hands or by running strips with black and white patterns underneath the sensors.