Matias Vilaplana Stark

Sound Engineer // Composer // Media Artist


Free improvisation performed with Spencer Haney on double bass in 2019.

Eight Carl/Lines at the Children’s Museum (2019)

Lines live performance at Marquette’s Children Museum with Ezra Gans (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Geoff Brown ( Bass), Joey Fortino (Drums) and Matias Vilaplana (Live Processing & Electronics).

Lines (2018)

Recorded & Mixed by Matias Vilaplana, August 2018

Lines is a free improvisation group, the lineup is in constant change for live performances. For this recording in particular the collaborators were Geoff Brown (Guitar, Bass), Joey Fortino (Drums) and Matias Vilaplana (Live Processing & Electronics).

¿Que Será de la Música el día de hoy? (2016)

Recorded & Mixed by Matias Vilaplana, January 2016

Collaboration with chilean guitarist Daniel R. Gómez. After sharing music online, and realizing we both had a passion for ambient music and soundscapes, we arranged an improvisation session for guitars and live processing at Estudios Agartha, the title comes from the fact that we didn’t know what we were going to play that day.

War Machines Dance to Piano Music (2018)

Live Performance, 2018

A piece for piano, video controller and electronics made in collaboration with pianist Peeravich Panlerkitsakul. The piece explores the concept of juxtaposition between sound and visuals, it was performed live at the Performing Arts Technology Showcase in 2018 at the University of Michigan.

Bell Trance (2018)

Performed by Tiffany Ng, 2018

This is a piece for carillon and electronics based on creating an “auditory illusion” for the listener. Taking advantage of the listeners perspective to the instrument/building, the piece unfolds by tangling electronics and bells as the tempo grows faster, revealing the real bells from the electronic ones at the very end. Premiered at the Rockefeller Carillon New Music Festival at the University of Chicago in 2018.

11SEPT73 (2015)

Short electroacoustic piece made with samples from radio messages sent during the military coup on September 11 of 1973 in Chile.

Razón (2015)

Electroacoustic piece made with found objects such as nails a metal stove and cell phone vibrations within the stove. The piece consists of the sound processing of specific sonic gestures created with the mentioned found objects.