Matias Vilaplana Stark

Sound Engineer // Composer // Media Artist

Sound Design

Pacific Pier – 360 Spatial Audio

Better experienced with headphones

Sound design made from scratch in Pro Tools using sound libraries, foley and synthesized sounds to create an immersive experience in the context of the Facebook 360 Spatial Audio Challenge at the University of Michigan in 2019. The original mix was made for 2nd Order Ambisonics and made the 1st place in the challenge.

Emovere – Interactive Dance Performance

Sample of one of the “sound objects” made for the interdisciplinary project Emovere, an interactive performance that blends dance and music by using physiological sensors such as EMG and ECG. This sound object consists of different sound layers that were controlled by the dancers during live performances. Presented at GAM in Santiago, Chile, in 2014.

Medea – Theater/Installation Piece

This piece was part of different ambient pieces used for the theater/installation piece Medea, in collaboration with Camilo Rossel from the Theater Department in Universidad de Chile in 2017.

The Landmine Project – Multimedia Installation

Stereo version of an ambient piece for six speakers as part of the “Landmine Project” exhibition, the piece explores the mediation of an inaccesible landscape such as a landmine field. Presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Quinta Normal in Santiago, Chile in 2016.